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Detalhes do Produto

Guia Brazil Unibanco Guides: Amazon Guide
Mercado Aberto, 288 páginas, publicado em 2009
Editora: BEI
ISBN: 9788578500092
Dimensões: 22,0 x 13,0 cm
Acabamento: Brochura
Área: Viagens e Turismo
Sub-área: Turismo - Geral

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Eighth title of Guias Unibanco Brasil series, the Amazon Guide was released in 2008 and has already offered a point where to start understanding this destination. The preoccupation with the enviroment, that is indissociable to the Amazons knowledge,w as present throughout the first edition, and it is even more present in this english version, with the addition of two more texts written by environmentalists exclusively to this publication. Therefore, besides conducing the foreigner visitor, revea l ing paths to all kinds of turists, the Amazon Unibanco Guide is also a way of reflection on the environment. With tematic introductions that explain the regions crucial aspects, this guide gathers together pratical informations and tips of how to p re pare yourself to travel through Amazon in the safest way.

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